Bronica ZENZANON-PE 180mm F/4.5 with Sony α7

Author: Markus on 07.10.2015

A few days ago I found a highly expected padded envelope on my desk - in it: a mount adapter to mount Bronica 6x4.5 lenses on a Nikon F camera; add another adapter from Nikon F to Sony E at the back end and voila, you can use a Zenzanon-PE on a Sony Alpha 7.

This is how this adapter combination is looking like ... 

To check the physical fit I attached the standard lens of my ETRSi, the ZENZANON-PE 75mm F/2.8. The result (of course wide open) looked promising ...

... promising enough to roll out the heavy artillery - moving from short portrait focal length to the long one, the ZENZANON-PE 180mm F/4.5.

All images wide open (f4.5) except for the lilly at f8.

Remarkably the exposure, colour and contrast are coherent on the flower images which are OOC, not post-processed.
That cat had to be pimped a little bit due to low light.