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Type 4.5x6cm format shutter single lens camera , with interchangeable lens , film back , finder and focusing screen systems.
Flame size 42 x 55.1cm
Film 120 roll film ; 220 roll film ; 135 cartridge-loaded film ; and Polaroid Land pack film. (Exclusive film backs for each film type.)
Standard lens ZENZANON PE 75mm F2.8 lens, interchangeable type; 6 elements in 5 groups ; multi-layer anti -reflection coated ; 49.7°angle of view ; F22 minimum aperture ; 0.6m minimum focusing distance.
Lens mount Exclusive four-craw BRONICA ETR bayonet mount.
Shutter Electronic control SEIKO#0 between-lens leaf shutter ; shutter speeds 8 to 1/500sec. plus B(Bulbs) and T(Time) ; mechanical control setting of 1/500sec.
Film winding Film winding crank ; one complete forward revolution or ratcheted winding action
Mirror lock-up Possible with mirror look-up lever.
Multiple exposure Possible with multiple exposure lever ; red warning sign in finder.
Film back Daylight loading interchangeable type ; exclusive film backs for 120 , 220 and 135 roll films and Polaroid Land pack film.
Finder system Interchangeable finder system ; 94% of actual field of view
Focusing screen Interchangeable ; Full-area matte screen. (standard)
Flash synchronization X-setting (up to 1/500sec.) ; auto-flash control based on direct light measurements at the film plane are possible with optional SCA System Adapter.s
Battery checking Red-colored LED lights up within screen area when battery check button is depressed, if there is sufficient power ; also doubles as shutter closing signal.
Battery Single 6-volt silver oxide (4SR44) or alkaline-manganese battery (4LR44)
Dimentions 92(W)x87(H)x69(L)mm (ETRSi main body only.)
92(W)x107(H)x163.5(L)mm (with standard lens, Film back Ei 120 and Weist-Level Finder E.)
Weight 480 grams(ETRSi main body only ; without battery.)
1285 grams(with standards lens , Film Back Ei 120 and Weist-Level Finder E ; without battery)
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